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We are a quality printing and graphic design firm dedicated to missionaries and their ministries. From our roots as daughters of an amazing church secretary, to grown working women raising children of our own, we feel it is an honor and priviledge to partner with you in this pursuit to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others.  You inspire us, and your stories encourage us.   We strive to design in a way that will communicate the love you have for the individuals you are reaching out to,  and keep your prayer and financial supporters connected and committed to your ministry.  Please keep in touch – we love hearing from you and remember you in our prayers:  joleen@print4missions.com


Our Goals
Our goals are to glorify God and to serve those who serve Him. Print4missions was created to provide a high quality product that is affordable to the typical ministry budget. We have done everything we can to keep expenses low so that we can keep prices low. We employ only Ministry Minded designers and staff.


How Does Print4missions.com Keep Prices so LOW?
Because one of our primary goals is to save our missionary brothers and sisters money, we do everything we can to limit overhead expenses while keeping quality high. We have established agreements with press printers and photo developing companies who print for us at reduced prices which we can then pass on to our customers.


What Does Print4missions do?
Print4missions matches you with a professional designer to create a custom designed prayer card for you. The designer will use your picture(s) and your order description for content and layout. We do not use any prefabricated layouts. These are true one of a kind designs.